IT Oxygen Team

About Us

IT Oxygen is a student run enterprise at Michigan Tech University. IT Oxygen specializes in Information Technology help for both student organizationas and businesses. The members of IT Oxygen work on real projects for real companies that foster skills in develpment, probelem solving, and business. The IT Oxygen enterprise is composed of students from numerous majors and encourages professionalism, leadership, teamwork, and creativity.


If you are a student looking to find a project based organization where you advance your skills in IT then look no further than IT Oxygen. If you choose to join IT Oxygen you will have the opportunity to pick a project team that interests you. Projects will typically run one to two semesters.

Businesses and Organizations

If you are a business or student organization and are looking for custom IT solutions than you've come to the right place. IT Oxygen provides many services and tools including: website design, infastructure configuration, business intelligence, and workflow analysis. The IT project you determine will be assigned a team of students who will work closely with you to provide to you a solution that best matches your wants, needs, and project goals.